Thin Place Beads

Seeking to enter the space between heaven and earth through tactile prayer

Thin Places:

those places where eternity enters into a moment, reality expands beyond the temporal and physical to something bigger, richer, and timeless.   In these places, it feels like the veil between heaven and earth is so thin that you can see into the spiritual realm.   A “thin place” is wherever you experience God’s presence in a deeper way than you did the moment before.

This theme, prevalent in Celtic spirituality, and typically related to a physical place, seems appropriate for a website dedicated to the ancient practice of praying with beads.  When praying, we are opening ourselves up to God.   When we pray with beads, the beads can become a conduit to the thin place.

Christians have used knots on ropes or pebbles on strings to aid in contemplation and practice prayer without ceasing from very early in the history of Christianity.  Roman Catholics have long used prayer beads for prescribed meditations to strengthen their faith.  In the late 20th century, Anglican Prayer beads were developed in order to find a middle way between the Orthodox and Roman Catholic tactile prayer methods while preserving Reformational sensibilities. 

My interest is in providing theological meditation on design choices of prayer beads and rosaries to help those just beginning to experiment with the tactile dimension of prayer.  What you will find here are example prayers and prayer methods, descriptions of bead designs, and theological reflection on incarnational spirituality from a broad-church Episcopalian perspective.

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